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Eat garlic, eat a good body

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The benefits of regular consumption of garlic for human health are well known. These benefits are due to garlic in a thing called allicin. Allicin is a lot of efficacy, it is a broad-spectrum antibiot
  The benefits of regular consumption of garlic for human health are well known. These benefits are due to garlic in a thing called allicin. Allicin is a lot of efficacy, it is a broad-spectrum antibiotics, with anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, inhibition of platelet aggregation, anti-cancer, anti-virus and other biological functions, but also significantly improve the body immunity.
  However, eating garlic is very particular about, not just how to eat can make allicin these pharmacological effects play a role. If you can not eat scientifically, eat correctly, even if you eat more garlic will be of no avail. Because the production of garlic need a certain process, the need to create some necessary conditions, so that the effect of allicin, in order to play a useful role in human health.
  First of all, allicin was originally in the form of garlic in the garlic, in case of oxygen, the role of garlic enzyme conversion and produce. So, in order to make garlic produce allicin, when eating garlic, the first is raw, if there is no stomach discomfort, then try to eat raw garlic, so that allicin in the thermal environment to lose pharmacological activity; the second is mashed or Cut into thin slices and exposed to the air for 15 to 20 minutes after eating, the purpose is to make the garlic full oxidation, in the aerobic environment and garlic enzyme reaction, resulting in allicin. Do not eat a lot every day, eat a three or five flush is enough.

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