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Five Essentials of Garlic Planting Technology

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In the garlic planting technology, garlic planting need to pay attention to the work there are many, the following details of the garlic planting technology five points.
  In the garlic planting technology, garlic planting need to pay attention to the work there are many, the following details of the garlic planting technology five points.
  Garlic planting techniques of the five main points are described below.
  (A) variety selection
  In the garlic planting technology, the more suitable for the cultivation of the main varieties of Qilin District, Sichuan red seven stars (generation, second generation), soft leaf garlic, an early, two early, local purple garlic and so on.
  (B) sowing time
  Bazi area is generally early garlic, red seven stars (generation, second generation) planting time is in the white dew order (early September). The two-stage early sowing period is before and after the autumn order (mid to late September). Late sowing sowing season to fall to the cold dew is appropriate (ie September 23 - October 8). High altitude area can be a season in advance planting.
  (C) seed treatment
  Before sowing, the first choice and classification of garlic, remove pests and diseases of garlic, according to large, small separate, graded sowing.
  (Four) soil preparation soil moisture, reasonable close planting
  Soil preparation requirements when the fine on the thin, 3-4 meters of soil moisture. In the garlic planting technology, planting should not be too deep, the soil to maintain a certain degree of moisture, to promote early emergence. Red seven acres of acres with 100-1000 kilograms of seeds, other varieties of garlic small, acres with only 60-75 kg of seed, per mu density of 3 million -4 million, spacing 15-18 cm, spacing 8-10 cm , Early maturing varieties of lean, late-maturing varieties of thin.
  (5) Field management威尼斯平台地点官网
  1, weeding ripe: garlic after the emergence of soil if the knot, weeds, should be combined with weeding for cultivation, when the seedlings 10-13 cm high, 2-3 leaves when the first cultivation, seedlings 26-33 cm There are 5-6 leaves when the second shallow plowing. In the garlic planting technology, garlic weeding more labor, in order to improve the effect of promoting the chemical weeding, chemical herbicides are: in the garlic planted after 3 days of application, with fruit, kill grass Dan spray spraying, after emergence Should be cultivated 1-2 times to prevent soil compaction, weeds. If the seedling weeds more, for different types of weeds can be used to control a different herbicide.威尼斯官方网站
  2, irrigation: garlic after sowing if the soil is generally no need to irrigation irrigation, the soil should be filled with a dry rice seedlings. In the seedling period should generally be less irrigation, more cultivation, appropriate control of water, to prevent leggy and "withdrawal mother" premature. In the plow and bulb hypertrophy to increase the irrigation, to avoid drought, keep the soil moist. Irrigation should be based on ditch irrigation, water is not flooded over the surface, soil tide that withdrawal, to avoid flood irrigation, garlic harvest 5 to 7 days before the stop irrigation, or easy to produce scattered lily garlic.
  3, fertilization: garlic growing long, need fertilizer, but the root is shallow, weak ability to absorb fertilizer, so should be enough base fertilizer, staged top dressing, garlic growth and development to meet the needs. Garlic fertilizer should be organic fertilizer-based, accounting for 70% of total fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratio of 1: 0.8: 1 is appropriate, acres of pure nitrogen 12.5 kg or so, pay attention to calcium-containing fertilizer, , Fertilizers can be used "a clear" or back to the end of the method. General base fertilizer with 30 kg of compound fertilizer (15:15:15) plus pig manure 50-80 Tam, the withdrawal of the mother period (5 leaves after emergence) chase a fertilizer, mu with urea 30 kg or 35 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, Round foot period (8 leaves), can be applied per acre 20 kg of urea or 30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate.
  4, pest disease prevention: garlic growth period, especially after December, the cold tide more, alpine low photos, high humidity easily lead to garlic pests and diseases. In the garlic planting technology, the disease is mainly rust, blight, disease. Control agents: powder rust Ning, chlorothalonil, bacteria and bacteria, speed grams of spirit, can be in the early stages of onset or disease application; pests with onion thrips, trichlorfon can be used to culling. After the beginning of spring, with the temperature rise, sunshine growth, garlic into the rapid growth stage, this time to be the most fertilizer, should pay attention to see seedlings of fertilizer, timely irrigation, while reducing the temperature to meet the garlic growth needs.
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